Shoulder Pain

What Is Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a common musculoskeletal problem. It ranks third in the society after back and neck pain. Shoulder pain is one of the first reasons that people who work by using their arms need to consult a doctor.

One of the most important causes of shoulder pain is that the shoulder joint is the most mobile and complex joint of the human body. There are soft tissues around the shoulder joint consisting of capsule, ligament, tendon, bursa and muscles. The soft tissues around the joint provide a solid structure of the joint. This situation causes frequent soft tissue lesions in the shoulder.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

  • Shoulder blows
  • Heart attack
  • Lung diseases
  • Broken collarbone
  • Broken or cracked arm
  • Load on the shoulder
  • Joint diseases
  • Lying on the left or right side all the time
  • Making wrong movements during sports
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Damage to the spine
  • It is common in individuals who work by lifting heavy loads.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Treatment of shoulder pain should be done according to the cause. Causes that trigger shoulder pain should be reviewed and the causative factors should be eliminated. Cold or hot compresses can be applied to treat shoulder pain that occurs after a heavy exercise.

Neck and shoulder exercises recommended by experts can be performed during the day for shoulder pain seen in desk workers. Many methods can be used for pain caused by injury, from cortisone injections to physical therapy applications and even surgical operation.