Fracture Rehabilitation

Fracture Rehabilitation


Often, being able to access the right rehabilitation after a fracture can make a real difference to the extent of your recovery and long-term function.

Although some people will recover quickly from a fracture, some will need more intense therapy and support to help them regain their independence.

If you’ve recently had a serious fracture and are now finding it hard to function physically, effective and focused fracture rehabilitation (sometimes referred to as fracture rehab) can be a major factor in helping you to adjust, adapt, recover and regain a level of independence for yourself.

If you can begin your rehabilitation as soon possible after any operation for your fracture (on the condition that your doctor is satisfied with your clinical stability), it can help to lower the risk of further complications and improve the chance of restoring full function.

Fracture Rehabilitation / 7 Nights

Fracture Rehabilitation
  • 7 nights all inclusive accommodation at 5-star Rixos Downtown Antalya Hotel
  • VIP Airport-Hotel Transfer
  • Vip Hamam Program 5-star Rixos Downtown Antalya Hotel
  • Consultation with Physical Therapy Doctor
  • Individual Tests and Treatment Plan
  • Consultation with Dietician
  • A total of 7 days of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation : The length of Physical therapy and rehabilitation session in our center is 2 hours. Physiotherapy, Diadynamic Therapy, Interferential Therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Electroplating, Lontophoresis, Laser Spot Treatments, Neural Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Acupuncture, Ozone Therapy, Manuel  Therapy, Therapeutic  Massage,  Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Paraffin Wax Application Therapy for hands and feet, Therapeutic Mud Application, Sea Salt Application Therapy enriched with pine essential oils and pine extract
  • Sports Therapist Sessions
  • 24/7 Online Assistance
  • Customized Patient Services in English, Russian, German, Arabic and French
  • Access to Health Club ( Sauna-Steam Bath, Turkish Bath, Gym, Swimming Pool)