Cervical Kyphosis

Cervical Kyphosis

What is Cervical Kyphosis?

7 vertebrae of the spine consist of 33 vertebrae located in the neck. In healthy individuals, these vertebrae are arranged in a C-shaped, slightly curved way, while for some reasons these vertebrae become a straight line. This natural curvature, also known as cervical lordosis, loses its curved structure due to various reasons and is called as Cervical Kyphosis. In some advanced cases, the vertebrae that have the shape of “I” can be bent in the opposite direction.

Reasons for Cervical Kyphosis

  • Reduced physical activity
  • Working long hours at a desk
  • Sitting at the screen for a long time
  • Incorrect posture
  • Using computers and phones for a long time
Cervical Kyphosis

How the Cervical Kyphosis can be treated?

It is very important to inform and raise awareness of patients adequately in the treatment of Cervical Kyphosis. The habit of exercising should be established. Treatment methods such as superficial or deep hot applications, relaxation movements, electrotherapy, massage with some medications, acupuncture, neural therapy, ozone applications, meso-therapy, and electromagnetic therapy are also the methods used in Cervical Kyphosis cases.